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The Jossma Communicator PDF Print E-mail

The Jossma Communicator is simple, affordable, easy to use, feature rich with IP Centrex functionality PLUS a Unified Suite of applications designed specifically for the SME Marketplace.  Our highly intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to create an Advanced Voice Presence  with advanced features like Auto Attendant, Call Queues, Company Directory & Hot Desking.

Jossma Communicator

• A way to integrate all communications into one platform
• New communication functions and features
• Significant overall cost savings by integrating to a single underlying platform
• Major improvements in operating efficiency through a standardized approach to all organizational communications
• Full and proper integration of both mobile and global employees and operations

Making Telephony Understandable... PDF Print E-mail

Traditional office phone systems are complex, archaic, and hard to manage.  Here at Jossma, we feel it is our job to change that.

Utilizing the KISS principal, we strive to provide our partners & customers with easy to use, advanced Unified Communications Solutions combined with Network monitoring and our 5 step approach to service delivery, we are confident in our abilities to deliver what we promise.


VoIP Migration FAQ PDF Print E-mail

Q: What steps should an enterprise take to prepare for a VoIP Deployment?

A: Enterprises should be certain to complete several steps before beginning a VoIP deployment. These include developing a business case, specifying detailed requirements, testing the network, managing the vendor selection process, and launching a pilot project.

VoIP FAQs for Small-Medium Businesses PDF Print E-mail

Q: What are the benefits of VoIP for business?

A: Low cost is VoIP’s primary benefit; if you have broadband Internet access, you already have the capacity to make VoIP calls from your computer without spending another dime, and you can eliminate most of your PSTN long-distance bill. Simplicity is a second benefit since voice and data can be handled by one set of network protocols and wiring. Purchasing a VoIP PBX system (including any dedicated software and hardware, and VoIP-enabled handsets) is competitive with updating a legacy PSTN system. In addition, using a computer to make VoIP calls means never being out of touch anywhere there is Internet access; employees can work from anywhere that has a fast, stable Internet connection.